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About Us

For a combined total of more than 80 years the attorneys of Himes & Hearn, P.A. have been serving as trusted legal advisors to individuals going through divorce needing legal counseling regarding alimony, alimony modification, child support, child visitation, custody, parenting, child relocation, dissolution of marriage, spousal support, attorneys fees, premarital agreements, postnuptial agreements, divorce taxation, property settlements, modification actions and other aspects of marital and family law.

Why Hire Us

We are committed to understanding your goals and to helping you achieve them in an efficient and private way for your financial security and the welfare of any children affected by the end of a marriage.

Our Clients

Our clients come first. We listen to what they have to say and what is important to them. Because of the very personal and confidential nature of family law practice and because of the privacy our divorcing clients seek and deserve, we strive to avoid unwanted publicity.

Our clients come from many walks of life and possess a variety of financial abilities, however all our clients want to maintain their privacy and want to understand their legal rights and responsibilities. We are sensitive to our clients’ needs for privacy, and we thoroughly explain all that our clients need and want to hear.

Our clients are concerned about the effect of their divorce on their children, and they are counseled to choose courses of behavior and divorce resolution procedures that enable them to co-parent effectively and cooperatively after the divorce is over. They are counseled to choose divorce with dignity and they understand that divorce is an exercise in damage control. Our clients learn that their mature emotional behavior and honesty are strengths in the process. Our clients use their intelligence to pursue the constructive course of problem solving during a process that can become challenging after the emotional ending of what was anticipated to be a permanent life partnership.

Our clients sometimes initially think they want revenge or are inclined to want to take advantage of the other spouse like the well known War of the Roses movie. Our duty is to educate clients to understand the realities of marital and family law and the litigative process and to achieve results for our clients (without all the unnecessary ugliness) which they understand are both reasonable and consistent with what applicable law provides. Expectations must be realistic, or a client will be disappointed. We want our clients to be grateful that we tell them what they need to know, not what they may want to hear.

Our clients ask questions. They are involved and empowered in the process. We want our clients to fully understand the law as it applies to their particular circumstances. They will understand the various procedural options they can consider, and their expectations are realistic, because they have the appropriate explanations provided given the unique facts of their case.

** Please note: All clients should select their attorneys carefully. You should interview us to determine whether you are comfortable with us acting as your attorneys. We interview our clients to assure we feel we can effectively partner together to achieve realistic goals for you.

Tampa Family Law & Collaborative Divorce Law Firm